Companies Attending

CompanySectorSubsectorMarket Cap
(thousands of euros)
ACCIONA,S.A.Basic materials, industry and constructionConstruction5,447,266 29/11
AEDAS HOMESFinancial services and real estateReal Estate and Others961,730 30/11
AENAConsumer servicesAirport26,152,500 30/11
AIRTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE STRUCTURESBasic materials, industry and constructionEngineering and others134,594 30/11
APPLUS SERVICESBasic materials, industry and constructionEngineering and others1,806,323 29/11
ATRESMEDIAConsumer servicesCommunication and Publicity837,469 30/11
AUDAX  - 30/11
BANKINTERFinancial servicesBanks5,653,868 29/11
BMEFinancial servicesStock Exchange1,755,927 30/11
CELLNEX TELECOMTelecoms and IT servicesTelecommunications and Others9,811,410 29/11
CIE AUTOMOTIVE, S.A.Basic materials, industry and constructionTechnology and automotive2,992,800 29/11
CONSTRUCIONES Y AUX.FF.CC.Basic materials, industry and constructionConstruction1,455,218*
CORPORACION FINANCIERA ALBA, S.A.Financial servicesPortfolio and Holding2,708,160 29/11
DIAConsumer goodsFood and Beverage330,026 30/11
EBRO FOODS, S.A.Consumer goodsFood and Beverage2,858,819 29/11
ENAGASOil, gas and powerElectricity and Gas4,619,508 29/11
EUSKALTELTelecoms and IT servicesTelecommunications and Others1,400,580 29/11
FLUIDRA, S.A.Consumer servicesWater and others2,320,161 29/11
FOMENTO DE CONSTR. Y CONTRATAS S.A.Basic materials, industry and constructionConstruction4,558,117 30/11
GRIFOLSConsumer goodsPharmacy Products and Biotechnology12,400,377 29/11, 30/11
IAGConsumer servicesTransport and Distribution10,071,717 30/11
INDRATelecoms and IT servicesElectronics and Software1,428,251 29/11
INMOBILIARIA COLONIAL SOCIMI, S.A.Financial services and real estateReal Estate and Others5,030,336 29/11
LAB. FARMACEUTICOS ROVI, S.A.Consumer goodsPharmacy Products and Biotechnology1,166,234 30/11
LAR ESPAÑA REAL ESTATE, SOCIMI, S.A.Financial services and real estateReal Estate and Others652,230 29/11
LIBERBANKFinancial servicesBanks1,119,289 30/11
LOGISTA HOLDINGSConsumer servicesTransport and Distribution2,593,935 30/11
MAPFREFinancial servicesInsurance8,385,624 29/11
MASMOVILTelecoms and IT servicesTelecommunications and Others2,713,320 30/11
MEDIASET ESPAÑA, S.A.Consumer servicesCommunication and Publicity1,849,354 29/11
MELIA HOTELS INTERNATIONAL,S.A.Consumer servicesLeisure, Tourism and Hotel Industry1,882,392 30/11
METROVACESAFinancial services and real estateReal Estate and Others1,522,830 29/11
NEINOR HOMESFinancial services and real estateReal Estate and Others813,752 29/11
PRISAConsumer servicesCommunication and Publicity983,606 29/11
PROSEGURConsumer servicesPrivate security and surveillance2,609,203 29/11
PROSEGUR CASHConsumer servicesLogistics and cash management2,805,000 30/11
REEOil, gas and powerElectricity and Gas9,379,622 29/11
RENTA 4Financial services - 30/11
SIEMENS GAMESA RENEWABLE ENERGY, S.A.Oil, gas and powerWind industry and energy10,591,780 29/11
SOLARIA  - 30/11
TALGOBasic materials, industry and constructionManuf.& Assembly of Capital Goods684,179 29/11
TECNICAS REUNIDASBasic materials, industry and constructionEngineering and others1,196,174 29/11
TELEPIZZAConsumer goodsFood and Beverage473,387 30/11
UNICAJA BANCOFinancial servicesBanks1,234,297 29/11
VIDRALA, S.A.Consumer goodsOther Consumer Goods2,080,121 30/11
VISCOFANConsumer goodsFood and Beverage2,178,990*

* Attendance days unconfirmed.

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